CSR – Social Corporate Responsibility

παντελιδης νεα τραγουδια 2014 The company’s mission incorporates the need for the protection of the environment both in-house and during the events of our clients.

οι μαχητες των δρομων 1 download μπραλος φθιωτιδας χαρτης ERA promotes Green Meetings and the implementation of recycling and waste management practices in our premises and at your event, by reducing the use of printing material and by promoting responsible consumption.

ωραιοτερα σπιτια ελλαδα Our input to the community is based on our drive to serve and to provide. Just as we serve our clients we also want to provide for those in need. For this purpose, επενδυτικη τραπεζα 2018 ERA, each year, makes a charitable donation to an institution to help maximize its social impact.

αλικο ψυρρη χαρτης So far, προστατιτιδα χρονια θεραπεια ERA has donated to the following institutions:

μουντιαλ 1994 ελλαδα ροστερ
τυλιχτα γλυκα τιμες
γένος ζώων ή ανθρώπων